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The veterinary practice is located in La Herradura (Granada), which belongs to the municipality of Almuñécar and is located on the beautiful Costa Tropical. Our practice is located in the heart of La Herradura, on Calle Alhambra in the “Plaza de la Independencia” and can be easily reached on foot or by car.

We speak German, English, Spanish, Finnish and Swedish.

Chronic illnesses of a physical or emotional nature in particular are the result of impaired vitality, a weak immune system or a lack of wellbeing. According to the founder of homeopathy, the german doctor and chemist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755 to 1843), the restoration of these most important sources of health alone guarantees fast, gentle and long lasting healing. Only this he called cure.

Homeopathy meets the high demand for effectiveness without harmful side effects. The production of homeopathic medical products is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. When used properly, there are no side effects or residue pollution. The reliable and gentle effect on many diseases – both acute and chronic – I can confirm every day from 30 years of professional experience.

From a small amount of a substance, e.g. a flower, plant extract, acid, snake venom, animal milk or a mineral, a very high-energy and information-loaded medicine is produced by triturating it in lactose and shaking it in alcohol.  It is administered as tiny globules, tablets or drops. The simple but very labor-intensive production is precisely defined in the European Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. This remedy sets the body’s own self-healing mechanisms in motion (e.g. by activating the immune system) and acts like a hormone in barely measurable concentrations.

In acute cases, such as bladder infections, for example, homeopathic medicines are used as a treatment for the individual symptoms of the disease. This means that injections and antibiotic treatments can often be dispensed with.
For all chronic diseases, the remedy selection  is made after the initial anamnesis, an interview lasting 1-2 hours. All information about your animal is collected – starting with its résumé and its character traits to its eating habits.
According to the similarity rule I choose from around 10,000 different homeopathic medicinal products the individually suitable one, This so-called simile is administered at individually adjusted intervals and strengths, the so-called potency. The healing process of homeopathic therapy is checked regularly and adjudsted to the needs.

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Our greuhguirehg


As a multidisciplinary veterinarian, I not only have a high level of specialist knowledge and a lot of experience, but can also offer both conventional and alternative therapies, with a focus on homeopathy.

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Affair of the heart

Your pet comes first with us. His health and well-being are very important to us. This is what drives us day after day, what encourages us in our work and makes us happy.

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Adopted Pets

High Five

We do everything to make our (mostly) two- and four-legged customers happy and it is very important to us that your pet feels comfortable with us during the treatment. Then we look forward to a “high five”.